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sensory designed

Innovation & ancestral technique for an ultimate experience.


Sensory designed Extrait Suprême is not only my signature concentration, but a completely new way to discover perfumery.

Through "Sensory Design" I have used several technique of fabrication. An audacious meeting of traditional french perfumery and artisanal techniques of scent extraction.

Your precious fragrance is deeper, smoother and all the rare ingredients are blended together in an unique way.

I am proud to declare that spending more time on product development and taking more care of my ingredients, results in a better olfactory experience.



The first step to Sensory Design.

Thème rouge

The tincture is a perfumery technique that consist of macerating one or more raw ingredients in ethanol.

According to the used ingredients, it can take from a day to several years. The components are extracted from the material and release all their colors and odors to give a life-like feeling to the blend.

The difference between a tincture of raw agarwood and the traditional distilled oil is a complete new story. The tincture will be smoother but will capture compounds that won't show in the distillation process. My agarwood tincture for example, will reveal the accurate smell of the wood itself, in the clearest way ever.

Because I have strong respect for your experience, I have decided to tincture the most rare and unique ingredients.

traditional maceration

The second step to Sensory Design.


The maceration is the traditional and most used in perfumery that consist of macerating one or more pure oils in ethanol.


In 95% of the cases, this technique is much faster than the tincture. The oil gently propagate into the ethanol to give the blend a rich feeling that is qualitative but yet not complete.


Being in love with traditional perfumery, I could not resist to add tinctures to the well-known oil maceration. Pervading what is left of the ethanol, giving a more complex scent profile to the perfume.


The last step to Sensory Design.


Soaking in perfumery is a term used when a solid material is sitting in a liquid. This can be compared to tincture, however the techniques and purposes are different.


While tincture is made for a determined time, soaking consists of letting the ingredient to sit on your bottle.

An infusion that has an increasing strength with time and will continuously release his beneficial scented characters. It can be a piece of oud, a flower or musk grain for example.

The combination of those 3 techniques brings an unprecedented experience. Your product is alive, for the sake of artisanal perfumery.

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