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handcraft and legitimacy

Artisanal state of mind.

Designs de bouteilles en verre

All ingredients are preciously selected and I use the highest grade of organic alcohol available in the world.

The handcrafted glass bottles unrivally let the Extrait Suprême to sit and age in perfect conditions.

The gold sprayers have a distribution capacity of 100mcl. You can enjoy a wide and generous spray within one pressure, or a lighter press to spare some for later.

extrait supreme

34% of raw material.

Perfume Juice

Extrait Suprême contains exactly 12 grams of raw material for a blend of 35ml. It makes it a 34,3% concentrated perfume.

After having successfully achieved the challenge of a long lasting and projecting natural blend, I have decided to focus on experience and creativity with a generous concentration.

All my glass bottle are unblemished jewels of innovation and creativity that fit perfetly my artisanal state of mind.

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