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  • Inspiration

    Introducing Oud Soda, a captivating fragrance that combines the exotic essence of natural agarwood with a delightful soda fizzy accord. This unique perfume exudes an air of sophistication and playfulness, making it the perfect choice for those who seek a distinct olfactory experience.

    Oud Soda opens with a burst of effervescent soda bubbles, tickling your senses and instantly invoking a sense of joy and refreshment. The sparkling cola accord dances on your skin, creating an effervescent aura that is both invigorating and irresistible.

    As the fragrance settles, the rich and luxurious notes of natural agarwood take center stage. Prized for its rarity and exquisite aroma, agarwood lends an air of opulence to Oud Soda. Its deep, woody facets intertwine with the soda accord, creating a mesmerizing fusion that is both intriguing and indulgent.

    With each spray of Oud Soda, you'll experience a harmonious blend of contrasting elements. The vivaciousness of the soda accord meets the earthy elegance of agarwood, resulting in a scent that is both effervescent and sophisticated, vibrant and refined.

    Oud Soda is a unisex fragrance that transcends traditional boundaries, appealing to those with a penchant for the extraordinary. Whether you're heading to a social gathering or embarking on an adventure, let Oud Soda be your scented companion, leaving a trail of intrigue and fascination wherever you go.

    Encased in a sleek and modern bottle, Oud Soda embodies the essence of contemporary luxury. Its design echoes the fusion of effervescence and elegance found within the fragrance, making it a true collector's item that will enhance your perfume collection.

  • Ingredients

    Agarwood, Homemade Cola Accord, Lemon, Labdanum, Cistus

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