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Too late... gone forever
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  • Note

    Costus is a very animalic/sweaty type of smell. I have realized a triple tincture of Indian costus root to release all its potential: The first tincture was made into alcohol to get most of the precious scent. Second one was a complete and long infusion of the same roots into the entire oil blend. Finally, reduced in fine particles to release the infusion in the last drops of organic alcohol needed to finish FMITD2

  • Inspiration

    It was after digging for hours in a dark forest that you found the bottle of Find Me In The Dark.

    In this second chapter, you go in search of your missing friend, who asked you to dig with him in the middle of the night.

    Your quest begins at the foot of this huge tree filled with moss as if it had spent its life rooted in the lake that surrounds it.

    No one is near you despite the sound of tree branches breaking. The rain finally stops and the scent of balsamic and amber notes appear. Yes, it is indeed his smell, you seem on the right track.

    After a few minutes of stepping over old wet and slippery trunks, the wind picks up and like a smell of sage reaches your nostrils. It is not far, only a few meters more... You finally see a mass lying under a shattering moon, unfortunately the rain starts again and violent storms are approaching.

    The lightnings disturb you and you stumble, your foot gets stuck but you do not manage to distinguish what blocks you. The rain freezes you but you manage to get up, behind you, a gigantic shadow seems to pursue you. The more it approaches, the more the smell of animal flesh is felt.

    Between nausea and curiosity, this odor seems exciting but you can't admit it to yourself. Your hands tremble and smell the wet vegetation, the mushrooms and the wood.

    You can't remember which way you came. The moon does not illuminate you any more. 

    You definitely get lost under the influence of fatigue. It is time to abandon the search and to flee before the black shadow invades you....

  • Ingredients

    Tree Moss, Oakmoss, Costus (India), Fir Needle (Austria), Sage (Russia), Vetiver (Indonesia), Cypriol (India), Honey, Castoreum, Soil Tincture

  • Handcraft

    To fit with my inspiration, all caps are unique and handcrafted in Romania by amazing artist Adi Ale Van. They are fabricated in aged walnut tree (100+ years old). Each bottle is wrapped in light brown calfskin of highest grade (used by LVMH for their products)

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