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I am Jimmy Bodin, a French self-taught perfumer living between France and Switzerland.

You may know my work as a perfumer and co-owner of Jousset Parfums, Qahua Bunga, Exclusive Blend and Marble Oud.

After the success of Exclusive Blend R.A.W that consist of releasing only rare and wild extrait de parfums in handcrafted bottles, I have decided to brand it and separate it collection from Jousset Parfums.

I am thankfull to all people who had a greed for discovering more of my work, requesting unreleased products and bespoke perfumes.


THE UNLEASHED APOTHECARY is the brand that regroup the most intimate of my olfactory elaborations and is definitely a real part of me. You will find handcrafted products and raw ingredients in each unique perfume.

You can directly discover my perfume through an extended description here:

or you can awaken all your senses step by step through The Unleashed Apothecary's technique of fabrication and other important details by clicking the button below.



  • We deliver worldwide with tracked UPS.

  • Shipping takes an average of 4 days to reach you.

  • We need 48 hours to prepare your order.

  • Shipping charge is 20€

  • We have no control over customs charge.

  • We accept no returns.



We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal

  • Credit Card


  • Our production is artisanal: our offering can be unavailable at any moment.

  • If a product is available at a reseller, you'll find out on the product decription.

  • We can't guarantee the quality or authenticity of a product that is sold outside our website/retailer network.

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